Tuesday 3 July 2007

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I started this blog partly because when I began weaving - self-taught, me at home with the loom, some books and some friends on the internet - I couldn't find all the information I needed. I wanted to know more about how countermarche looms work, I wanted to see how other people got their looms set up and what their weaving looked like.

If you are also learning to weave, I hope some of the things I have written about will help you.

Note: My floor loom is an 8 shaft Toika Norjanna, my table loom is a Leclerc Voyageur (8 shaft, 24")

(see below for weaving structures & samples)


On tying up the treadles / lamms

Treadles again and a few inches woven

A universal tie-up for a countermarch loom

Putting a warp on the loom (this includes pictures of a homemade raddle)
and again here

Making cloth aprons for my loom.

GETTING A WARP SET UP AND WEAVING, including solving problems

Preparing a warp

Winding pirns for an end feed shuttle

Weighting a warp while winding on, sleying the reed, correcting a mis-threading error.

Restraining the warp threads when I had to leave the loom with warp wound on but not threaded, sleyed and tie-on to the front apron.

Supporting lease sticks (and warp) ready for threading the heddles

Sleying the reed - also lashing on technique for attaching warp to front apron. The alternative method of tying on with Larks Head knots (see end).

Fixing threading and treadling errors

Adding in an extra heddle


Selvedge problems on the floor loom

Selvedge problems on my table loom

About my weaving shuttles - boat shuttles and end feed.

Adding extra treadles (but not extra shafts) to my countermarche loom
A repair to my loom

Useful weights - I use these on floating selvedges which I don't beam on with the rest of the warp, I wind them on a bobbin, hung over the back beam, with one of these weights.


COLOUR AND WEAVE" which is creating patterns by the order of different coloured warp and weft threads

Colour and weave (introduction)

Setting up for colour and weave

Close up colour and weave

JANET PHILLIP'S SAMPLE BLANKET a twill sampler from instructions in Janet's book

Designing Woven Fabrics - the sample blanket

Universal tie-up for a countermarch loom

Yarn calculations for the sample blanket

Sample blanket progress report

Cotton Chenille Sampler (woven on the same warp)

Chocolate Scarf - using knowledge gained from the sampler in designing a scarf.


Cloth of many colours, my first 15 colour sampler.

Second colour sampler


Twill samples

Advancing twills


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