Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Warp preparation

Here are a few pictures and notes with a little change I've made to the way I prepare a warp. All credit to Peggy Ostercamp, again.

I think everyone learning to weave should have her books, I'm now looking at getting hold of the one I don't have - the first - on Winding a Warp. It isn't in the stock lists of the UK suppliers I've looked at yet, so I will have to choose between ordering from abroad or a special order with a UK supplier. Sigh. Last time I got a book by special order it took 3 months. I might place an order with Canadian supplier Camilla Valley Farm. I love their web site! They have all sorts of lovely things for weavers and spinners, and the most wonderful booklist for weavers, spinners and knitters with really helpful book reviews. The problem is, if I order from them I know I will end up ordering more than just the one book because they have several titles not usually offered in the UK. I need to think about whether I can afford to do this.

Now, back to the preparation of my warp, which is done on an Ashford warping frame.

What I used to do is to tie four bows in linen warp thread to preserve the cross in the warp for my lease sticks.

What follows bellow is just a simpler method to achieve the same thing, and it worked beautifully.

The linen yarn was threaded through one side of the cross, back through the other and the ends then knitted together, making a continuous loop.

Then one end of the loop is pulled through the other end - less work, and it did the job beautifully! You can pull on the long loop to lift the top thread groups and open up the warp cross to put the lease sticks in.

I was so keen to get the lease sticks in that I nearly forgot the little bows I tie by the last peg on the warping frame.

These help me to ensure that the apron rod goes in exactly the end of the warp. I think it saves time and fuss later to have the end of the warp marked in this way.

This lovely green warp was for my Christmas holidays weaving. I chose the colours of holly leaves and berries - red weft on the green warp. You can see what I was weaving in my eariler post of 6/1/08 about advancing twills.


Laritza said...

Brilliant idea! I somehow missed that part in the book(s). I think I am going to re-read them. I knew almost nothing when I read them the first time. Thanks!

Leigh said...

I was delighted to be able to click on your photos for enlargements! I agree with Laritza, it's brilliant. But, you say this is in one of Peggy's books? I need to go back and re-read too. I agree, they are "must haves" for every weaver.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Laritza and Leigh I think Dorothy is improving on Osterkamp here. Tweaking her techniques. At least with the first one. I the second is there, which is why I use it also.
Dorothy, I think your first idea is quite neat. The only reason I would not use it is there is only one thread and if that thread breaks......... So, anal-retentive as I am, I tie one loop through both sides. Then I tie four more strings, each one around a different part of the cross. I am NOT going to lose it!!