Thursday, 18 September 2008

Close up Colour and Weave

Here at last are the pictures of my colour and weave sampler. I didn't take one of the whole thing, but dimensions are approx 30" wide and a bit over five feet long.

There are 16 different colour repeats across the width - see my earlier post for details - and the same colour repeat patterns are repeated in the treadling, first in plain weave and then in twill. Pattern & treadling sections are separated by a couple of green threads. At the finish I tried a few weft rib patterns and Bedford cord.

I've taken a the photos with the aim of giving you some idea of the diversity of patterns and the usefulness of having a sampler like this for reference.

When you look at it, bear in mind some possibilities for using these patterns again:

they might another time be woven in high or low colour contrast,
more than two colours,
possibly in textured or tweed yarn,
maybe just as a contrast stripe of pattern against plain colour.

And... all the plain weave patterns can be woven with only two shafts. So they could be woven on a simple rigid heddle loom.

Plain weave:
Plain weave:

Plain weave:
Plain weave:
Diagonal twill (4 shafts):

Diagonal twill (4 shafts):
Plain weave at top, Diagonal twill (4 shafts) below:
Plain weave:
Plain weave:
Rib patterns: (using 3-1 and 1-3 twill tie-up)

(Just a note here to add the words "color and weave" for anyone doing a U.S. English search on the subject.)


humblebumble said...

oooh, this is very nice, i've never made a sample this big, and with so many different treadling and colour combinations. what an excellent idea

i hope you're suitably pleased



Leigh said...

Lovely, Dorothy! This is the kind of weaving I love to do; so much to entertain the eyes. We weavers never have an excuse to be bored.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful Dorothy! A great resource for future developments. I love samples like this, brimful of possibilities.