Friday, 11 January 2008

Warping up again

I've been putting a new warp on my loom this afternoon, and thought it's about time I wrote about these photos I took of my previous warp. The first shows my new raddle. I made this with a spare lath bought when I was making loom aprons, with some 30mm (1 1/2") stainless steel panel pins. I marked out 1/2" points and tapped the pins in, so the intervals match the other raddle I use at the front of the loom when winding the warp on, and behind the shafts when threading. This little raddle is to be used clamped onto the back beam for keeping a nice even warp spread as I wind on.

It works a treat! It doesn't seem to make the least difference that I didn't get the pins all perfectly upright - the main thing is they are exactly at the 1/2" point.

The next new thing I tried out is the reed position suggested by Cally for sleying. I had to think about this a bit, the sides of my loom are too far apart and too low to rest the reed on, but there, ready to hand was the box I rest my treadles on when tying them up, and another handy box that my new boots came in.

I've been working on my lashing on technique as well. Thanks to encouraging words from Peg. I was going to give up on this, I was so sure it wasn't going to work for me. Peg's offer of help left me feeling obliged to have another go - and I'm glad now that I did, because I made it work well this time.

I wanted to use a knot that would not skew the thread group sideways. So, instead of the overhand knot I used before, I tied my threads with a slip knot. I did this by starting with the threads wrapped over my finger, and my finger at 90 degrees to the warp. This terminated the warp with a knot that held all the threads at equal tension and provided a flat knot for the lashing cord to wrap around.

The next, small, change that made a big difference was that I wrapped the lashing cord through the thread groups without pulling it up tight until all the groups were lashed. This photo is a bit small, but the warp apron and warp rods are resting on the knee beam of the loom.

I must go now, I need to eat my tea early as I am intending to get to along the Alsager Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers meeting tonight. I'm taking my double treadle Timbertops Leicester and some North Ronaldsay wool with me - more about this anon!


Laritza said...

Thanks for the reminder on the slip knots to lash on and not to pull until it is all set and done. I will do it now for sure.

Leigh said...

Great photos and explanations as usual. I agree with the slip knots for lashing on. I've never had any problems with them and they are a lot easier to pull out (for fringe).