Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tablet Weaving on the Cricket Loom

Weaving is now going well. It's a simple pattern with all the cards turned together 4 turns one way, then 4 turns back.

I looked in the Ann Sutton tablet weaving book to see how she recommends winding warps. She threaded each card as she made the warp and stood it in a stand, something like a toast rack. This idea comes from Morroco. The toast rack has a pin through the top so cards can not jump out, and later, when weaving it is used as a warp spreader.

I'd had the idea of using a rigid heddle to spread the warp. After turn the idea of toast racks around in my head for a few hours, I realised a rigid heddle could also hold cards, although it doesn't have that useful pin through the top, however I can put a knitting needle  through the centre hole of my cards.

I think this might work, maybe with the rack raised a bit so the cards sit further into it.

There is a continuous warping method that works when all your cards are threaded the same. You thread the pile of cards onto the yarns all at the same time, yarns would on four separate bobbins, and then distribute the cards into the warp as you wind it. You can see this demonstrated in YouTube videos by Linda Hendrickson and by Andrew Kieran. It is interesting to see both videos and compare the working style - Linda seems to have a fully equipped weaving studio, Andrew achieves the same result without any special equipment.

When it comes to equipment, you might have noticed I have bought special cards. You don't need to buy special cards. You can use playing cards, or other cardboard squares, I have a secondhand set made from beer mats. Another idea that came up in a Ravelry UK Weavers discussion is to use plastic squares cut from the side of a plastic milk carton.


Cally said...

Love the pattern you're making with that warp. And a use for the toast rack at last! I have never liked toast racks, as toast clearly needs to be buttered and eaten immediately.

Carrie said...

May first set of cards was made from plastic index card dividers that I cut into squares. When I'm doing a pattern where all the cards use the same threading I have a really sturdy inkle loom I use. With the inkle loom you can do a really easy continuous warp.

MegWeaves said...

I liked what Andy did - I think I can do that, but I wouldn't have understood it without seeing the picture. Thanks, Dot.

Leigh said...

Oh dear, I thought I commented here already. I have to say I love the cricket. A small loom would be wonderful for me since my big loom is taken apart and my studio being used as storage!

Honor said...

I'm just about to launch into Tablet Weaving so this is great, thank you. Love the beermat cards! Dot, how about an article/series on tablet weaving in Yarnmaker?? I can highly recommend John Mullarkey's videos from Interweave, by the way.

Jane Flanagan said...

Hi Dot, am doing Anglo Saxon textiles in school soon, planning tablet weaving on various looms. Have you tried the continuous warping method? Think I might try it!

Jane Flanagan said...

Hi Dorothy, what is the pattern for this design? I am looking for something effective yet fairly simple to use in a school workshop on AngloSaxon textiles!