Sunday, 8 December 2013

A small loom, for bands, samples, scarves.

I don't get much time for weaving at the moment, not enough that I feel I can go ahead and set up a large project on the floor loom. However, small projects are achievable: samples, scarves, bands.

I've been thinking for a while about getting a small loom for band weaving and samples. Criteria were: a solid frame, a good choice of extra heddles (for non-band projects), small adjustments possible on cloth beams and secure ratchet and pawl.

Candidates were Ashford SampleIt (8" wide), Ashford 12" knitters loom, 10" Schacht Cricket loom. Each has its own merits, but I chose the Schacht Cricket, because I wanted 10" width and also because they are beautifully designed and made.

Here is my Cricket:

and here is the rest of the loom. It came flat packed with assembly instructions (that was easy, put pieces together, use 6 cross head screws provided), weaving instructions, 2 shuttles, one 8 dpi heddle and two balls of yarn. Well I don't know what to do with two balls of yarn and a loom, except warp up and weave... so I did.

You may not be able to see the tape measure clearly in the photo, total length of the loom is 18". This loom doesn't take up much space!

I like the design, the heddle positions are good and the table clamps (for use when warping) slot into the back of the loom sides and hold it securely - I know this is important have had my 20" Ashford Knitters Loom escape its clamps once, midway through warping using the single post method.

This is the ratchet and pawl...

...and for more about band weaving on small looms, I refer you to YouTube and the latest video from Sue Foulkes which accompanies a book -

Five Ways of Weaving Narrow Bands, video

The book, The Art of Simple Band Weaving, is available from and either as an e-book or print on demand hardback or softback. I haven't got a copy, yet (maybe after Christmas!) but I have Sue's other books, on Sami band weaving, and they are excellent. (Also available from blurb, search for Susan J Foulkes.)


MegWeaves said...

So, after playing with the two balls that came with the loom, what are you going to weave? Are you going to use your handspun by any chance???

Dorothy said...

I might go ahead with tablet weaving,but now you mention it there is a beautiful skein of handspun here that I'd like to weve into something, it's shades of blue that I'd like to set against grey, maybe a little pink. I might need to spin a new yarn for the weft, I have natural greys but I think grey with a little pink, or blue and pink, would be magical.

Leigh said...

Hi Dorothy, I was delighted to find your comment on my blog! Thank you so much for your kind words about my book. Yes, I have some photos with my kitties! And goats. And chickens, And puppies. And guinea keets. And llama. LOL

The book has been my creative outlet since my loom is dismantled to make room in my studio for storage while we remodel the bedroom. (What a mess).

The Cricket is brilliant. Maybe that's the ticket for me, until I can uncover my loom and fiber stash once again. :)