Saturday, 23 July 2011

Drying fleece in the summer sunshine

 Today, I washed some alpaca.  I have three full fleece, around 1 kg each, and I'm washing just the amount I think I can get dried each day.  As the weather is good today I washed a couple of trays full, and put them out in the sun.

Pheobe likes fleece. Especially in the warm sun.

Thinks Pheobe: "Well, it's nice and soft, and warm, but I prefer that Blue Faced Leicester you washed last week".

See below for last week...


Meg in Nelson said...

You are not getting them back, you know.

Trapunto said...

But the Alpaca goes better with her fur!

If I found an Alpaca fleece drying in the sun, I'm not sure *I* wouldn't just curl up in it and go to sleep.

(Nice to get a peep at your cats and garden and lovely fiber.)

Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Dorothy
, Good to see you have a bit more time and are back blogging !
Looks a lovely fleece . What a gorgeous colour

Anonymous said...

Dot, What a wonderful surprise to see you blogging again. Can't wait to see your lovely alpaca fleece spun and woven!

Eva :)