Sunday, 28 November 2010

Three upright spinning wheels.

A family photo of my upright single treadle spinning wheels. All production wheels, all developed from the traditional Scottish upright wheels taken by settlers to New Zealand. Click on the photo to see a larger version hosted on Flickr.

On the left we have a 1976 Rappard Little Peggy. She's a two speed wheel and has seen considerable use at some time in the past, the metal of her flyer shaft is worn and you can see the footprint on her treadle. Recently aquired from ebay and in need of new leather flyer and bobbin bearings, otherwise in good working order.

In the centre, a little old Ashford Traveller, the original model as made from 1977-79 and identified with help of previous owner who bought it secondhand in 1980 and Mary Knox's website and book "New Zealand Spinning Wheels and their Makers", recommended to me by Spinningfishwife because shoulder problems can make righthand flyer wheels uncomfortable for me to use.

On the right, a modified Ashford Traveller, around 12-15 years old (I think..) with modern sliding hook flyer. Modifcations include the sycamore treadle that operates centrally and a lead weight on the inside of the wheel rim to balance the weight of the footman and give smoother treadling.

In the background you can see part of my American pendulum wheel.


Meg in Nelson said...

Mine is the 1990's Ashford Traveller - but not painted/stained. But I have two treadles - after trying to spin on a friend's single treadle for a year with no luck.

The interesting thing is, I only seem to need the double treadle nowadays only when I'm either tired, or haven't spun for a while. Otherwise one does the job.

But this is just a part of your collection, isn't it?

ladyoftheloom said...

Oh I love a wheel collection! I have been tempted by the wheels I see on ebay coming out of NZ. Maybe one day I will get a Pipy...

deborahbee said...

I have been following your adventures into publishing. Congratulations. I have just bought a new Louuet Spring and am reinspired. \just posted after a long blog rest1 Thanks to you have been buying much linen from GMSales. Wonderful stuff. Should i ne on Yarnmaker site?

The Little Bead Box said...

Hi, Just found the magazine page (anf hence your blog) and found out you live in Whaley Bridge, too! Small world. I've just ordered the Jan issue and can't wait to get my hands on it. Great blog, by the way.

ASpinnerWeaver said...

Nice family!