Sunday, 4 January 2015

off the loom and finished...

See previous post.

On the loom, width 9".

Immediately after removal from the loom, width 8", length 120cm, still an open cloth as shown below.

Very little, if any loom waste, just about right to give a fringe.

Hem sewn using a fine spindle spun yarn of the same merino fleece as the warp.

 After finishing (vigorous washing in hot & cold waters) width 6", length 94cm.

Finishing left the fringe somewhat felted and tangled, see below, 

However, this is a temporary problem - I have been able to separate out the ends. All that is left to do is trim off excess weft ends left where I changed shuttles and trim the fringes to equal length. I'm make the next one using a longer warp - and I'll wind it on the warping board.


MegWeaves said...

So much to learn about how handspun work in weaving. Why did this post pop up in my feed only today?? But I sure am glad it did. What's next?

Dorothy said...

Next is to warp up for a longer scarf! The finished scarf is beautiful and soft and warm, but rather short after shrinking so much, it needs to be worn with a brooch to pin the ends, not long enough to knot!