Friday, 18 May 2012

Stick Shuttles

I want to explain why I prefer a short length stick shuttle (this is a 26cm shuttle made by Ashford) and why I wind my shuttles like this:

The yarn is wound in a figure of eight pattern which I learnt some while back from this post on Laura Fry's blog.

This is how it works as I weave, I don't have to twist or turn my shuttle to unwind the thread, it's all a natural and easy part of the weaving action.


Meg in Nelson said...

As well, if you wind on both sides, I was told, you can load heaps more yarn on the shuttle, which I like.

Trapunto said...

I love your little loom and I'm so glad you've got time to share a bit here again.

Stick shuttles = simple pleasures. I've been finding I really like using a plain old sanded beveled piece of wood to push in the weft with my inkle loom. I've been using fine linen singles for warp, which seem to need firm but gentle treatment to keep from breaking. Same pleasure my old wooden spoons give, come to think of it.