Monday, 8 December 2008

Photo Meme

Funny thing is, I don't know what "meme" means. But I know I've been tagged by Leigh to go to my 6th photo folder and pick the 6th photo. So off I went, and I pulled this one out:
Click on the picture to see it enlarged.

I took this photo of the hares in January 2007, I was leaning over the back wall at the top of our garden. The hares were moving very fast and covering a huge amount of ground. I didn't have a long range lens and it was difficult to focus. However, I think it caught a rather magical moment and I love this picture. The birds are Jackdaws, the tree against the stone wall looks like an oak, there's a bramble (left) and some sort of thorn tree (Hawthorn or Blackthorn) in the foreground.

I've not tagged anyone else as when I looked around the first couple of people I was going to tag have been tagged by others already. See Carol who has tagged Barbara. Barbara hasn't responded yet, but if you have time you should see this wonderful picture of Barbara and the teddies!


Barbara J said...

It IS a very magical moment that you have captured! The stuff of fairy tales, mystical meadows, and Shakespearean Midsummer nights!

Another Barbara

humblebumble said...

without referencing wikipedia, i'd say that a meme is a unit of cultural information or ideas.

i think it'd be fair to say that ideas like freedom, women's rights, religion, scientific beliefs and such are memes.

i think it's one of those very loose, free and unresolved areas of social science that gives people like me ample oppurtunity to run their mouths off about things they know nothing about


Catherine said...

"A meme (pronounced /miːm/)[1] comprises any idea or behavior that can pass from one person to another by learning or imitation. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, gestures, practices, fashions, habits, songs, and dances. Memes propagate themselves and can move through the cultural sociosphere in a manner similar to the contagious behavior of a virus." from

The term was coined by Richard Dawkins.

The Game is a meme.

Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Dorothy,
Loved your picture. I also had to enquire about a "meme"-never having heard of it !
Have also been trying to work out how to link to something - as you did to the teddy picture I kept getting deeper and deeper into a hole so I stopped digging !

Leigh said...

What an amazing photo! I usually don't like memes but this one has been a lot of fun.

Peg researched the word too. See her blog for the definition.

Trapunto said...

That is a fantastic picture! I can't help wondering what the hares and jackdaws think about each other.