Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I've been knitting

Ten days of silence from me, there's a couple of reasons for this. One is that my work (two employed part time jobs, and a voluntary job) seemed to take a lot of my energy and another is that I had taken some photos but not got to the local library where I have to go and borrow a computer if I want to upload photos to show you.

I found that with my work demanding creative energy last week, there was less creativity to spare for my textile hobbies, so it was a good time to get on with a steady project where the planning stages are already history.

The first sleeve of the jumper I last wrote about in September turned out well on the second attempt, so I started on the second sleeve. First attempt at the sleeve: I knitted from shoulder to cuff and cast off in November, and it looked awful. I started the decreases at the elbow, instead of tapering it down from the shoulder. The most important lesson I have ever learned about knitting and other crafts is to undo work you aren't happy with and try again. This way you learn and move forward.

I am very pleased with the second first sleeve, and the first second sleeve is going well too. Here is my jumper, seen inside-out so as not to disturb the knitting needles.

The cuff on that sleeve looks rather long, as pictured above. The reason for this is that I want a really good warm jumper for the depths of winter, and for wearing to work at a job where the office I work in is a cold cellar room. I have decided that cosy cuffs, neck and bottom rib are important for beating cold drafts and as I have poor circulation, that snug cuff will help keep my hands warm.

I took another photo to show the jumper right side out with the cuff folded back, as I shall wear it:

Now my ambition is to finish this jumper while it is still winter and certainly before the anniversary of picking up the first stitches arrives in March this year!


Laritza said...

The jumper is looking great!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. There are no decent socks available anywhere unless they are hand/machine made. It is a totally different story. If you do get a machine get a mid-gauge it will knit a wide range of yarn weights in no time at all!

Helen said...

OOh! It looks a lovely cosy sweater and I really like the colours.

I know what you mean by being drained by a job, for me I get back into the creative mind set by dyeing.

Peg in South Carolina said...

The closeup of the sleeve is the photo that really shows up the beauty of the knitting. It's nice to have knitting for times like you describe. I look forward to your getting back to weaving. And hearing about it!

Catherine said...

Your jumper looks so nice. I especially love those beautiful cuffs!

I am nearly at the end of the back of Charlie's jumper and it looks a bit enormous. I hope that when I come to do the front it ends up the same size! He says he doesn't mind having a big loose jumper for being cosy in in the winter though.