Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Autumn inspiration.

I took these photos in early November, of the autumn colours. They were all taken around our garden, before the first frost. I was looking for interesting combinations of colour and texture. I don't use a sketchbook often, but I have many photos. From the days before I used a digital camera, I have a box of envelopes with labels like "bark", "trees", "leaves", "landscapes".

These photos might be the starting point for future designs, but whether or not they lead on to anything else, I find it useful to have spent the time looking carefully at, and thinking about, colour, texture and form.

My camera is a Canon EOS 350D. It cost more than my weaving loom. But it is a very versatile camera and can take very high quality images - I have done some professional photography in the past, and wanted to have that possibility for the future.

These photos are here for sharing, if you want to make use of them for art or craft design work, please go ahead.


Helen said...

I love your pictures and it is nice too to be reminded how fruitful looking at colour and texture can be. As I look at your pictures my creative instinct is being stirred ( if that is not a mixed metaphore). I particularly like the leaves as for some reason leaves have really caught my attention this year. Thank you for posting these pictures.

Peg in South Carolina said...

What lovely photos. They make me appreciate the virtues of a professional camera. But they also make me appreciate the skills of an experienced photographer.