Saturday, 20 October 2007


As an isolated,largely self-taught weaver, spinner, and dyer, one of the things I've found difficult is assessing the different pieces of equipment and books on offer. I have only a handful of times been able to meet up in person with other people involved in these crafts, and there aren't any shops close to where I live. Many online retailers give very cursory information about the content of a book, who it's aimed at, etc. and it's difficult to judge whether a particular title is the book you would choose if you could pick it up and look at it. I've had a few disappointments when a book I've bought was not at all what I expected.

There is one outstanding retailer for book reviews, the Canadian business Camilla Valley Farm.

I have found the Online Guild very helpful, I enjoy being able to participate in e-mailed discussions, and having access to resource files where there are book and equipment reviews.

I've also gleaned a lot from doing web searches, from picking up bits and pieces on blogs and web sites. My local county library has a few books of interest in their catalogue and I've found it useful to be able to request books from my local branch, but am also aware that the 80p charge each time may deplete my budget for buying books (it costs more for books that are "out of county", so I don't bother with ordering them).

What I'm working around to saying is that while I'm currently doing less weaving, spinning and dyeing due to having a heavier load of other commitments than heretofor, I am still accumulating books, reading them, and making plans. So, here's a promise of promise of more book reviews in the near future, until my life settles down and I get back to weaving etc.

I'm also still knitting socks, and just bought a pair of red soft leather clogs to wear around the house which show off my handknitted socks beautifully! (And shouldn't every Dorothy have a pair of red shoes?)

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Peg in South Carolina said...

Isolation is very difficult. Here in S.C. I am isolated as well. Keeping a blog helps a great deal with this. I hope it does for you as well.
I too accumulate books........ Even if a given book doesn't seem immediate useful, I tend to buy it because I have found from past experience that there will be a time when I need it.