Sunday, 18 October 2009

Busy, busy, busy.

I'm still getting my strength back after being ill so long, and at the same time trying to lead the life of a healthy person. I reminds me of trying to skateboard when I was a kid. You get on it and find your balance, and off you go, then one little wobble and suddenly your off - you have to pick yourself up, rescue the skateboard from where it has shot off without you and crashed into a tree or the curb or wherever, then get back on and try again.

So, somedays I'm over ambitious, try to do lots of things and the next day I wonder why I'm tired, and then I have to stop and think about what I'm trying to do, pick myself up, try again. Because I tried to run before I could walk, literally, I have had to wear ankle bandages while my tendons, ankles and feet recover. I guess those months of sitting around let my tendons tighten up, and my ankles lost strength.

So, last week, I wrote a book review for The Journal, finished off artwork for printing membership cards for the Online Guild and got the artwork to the printers, went to a job interview, and had an interview for another job over the phone. I carried on my research into the Henning Band Loom with the help of wonderful weaving friends around the world and started to slowly translate the best book I can find on the subject - which is written in German. I only studied German for one term at school, so I have got myself a big dictionary and a grammar book. I also went out one afternoon to visit a fellow spinner / weaver, and yesterday afternoon I went to the Cheshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers friendship day (I can only manage half-days out at the moment, I get so tired). I've been taking photos and preparing another blog post, but not had time to get to the library yet to upload the photos into blogger. I also did a bit of knitting, and wove my first pick-up pattern band on my small inkle loom. Yet, here I am frustrated because my feet are heeling slowly and I want to be gardening and walking in the hills. I have to learn to organise time and pace myself, making sure there are rest days and times to just stop still and enjoy looking at the world around me.


Lynnette said...

It's so difficult being patient with ourselves isn't it? No problem understanding others' physical frailties, but we give ourselves no quarter! I think you've managed to fit lot's of fibre related tasks into your day - more power to you!

Alice said...

Some days just touching fiber or yarn can inspire me to either dream of a project or begin the planning when my physical energy is low and joints won't cooperate.

What an undertaking to translate a book. That is inspiring!

Dorothy said...

Hi Lynnette, I was surprised how much I have managed to do when I started to write about my week, I agree about giving ourselves no quarter. I can't catch up with the ideas in my head, but I never give up the attempt.

Hi Alice, time to dream a bit is one of life's luxuries, without looking, touching, thinking how can we make good plans? One of the things I have learnt is that days of ill health can still be valuable.

I recall a woman I used to work with who used to tell me off for "wishing my life away" when I wanted dull moments to pass, she was right, we have the one life and to get the best of it we need to learn how to value difficult or dull days.

I'm translating the book because that's the only way I can get to read it! I love books, I love reading, I want to read this book because I know what it can tell me is valuable. My Mother always said I was stubborn and determined! ;)

Thanks for taking time to comment :)

Life Looms Large said...

Sounds like you've been plenty busy with some interesting stuff!

Foot problems are no fun. I definitely took my feet for granted before I wrestled with a foot injury. I hope yours heal up as quickly as possible - and that you're better at it mentally than I was!!

I'm so impressed that you're translating a book from German. I would definitely be looking around for some one German to do it for me....although the weaving terminology might make it so I'd have to look for a German-speaking weaver.

Good to see you online!!!


Peg in South Carolina said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all you are doing!!!!!! I know about the problem of catching up with ideas in your head. I already know what my next series of weavings is going to be and my current project isn't even on the loom yet!

Annie MacHale said...

Sounds like a busy week to me. Best of luck to you in getting the right job! You have to be determined to get to the library to upload your photos. I'm lucky if I can get to them with all I need right here at my fingertips. I'm thinking healing thoughts for you.

Leigh said...

Busy, indeed! Good busy though and hopefully you're strength and stamina will continue to grow.

I wanted to mention that the land situation is the same over here now as it is in the UK. I'd have to say that land prices have really skyrocketed in the past ten years or so. I think we got a deal on this place because the house needed so much work done and the place had really been neglected. It was fortunate for us, even though we sometimes think we've gotten in over our heads!

Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Dorothy,
Glad you are surfacing .and keep getting back on the skate board.Congratulations ! It must take a lot of courage
Your current projects sound interesting .
Hope your wonderful attitude soon pays off and life opens up again!