Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blues and books

Lesley recently commented on my blog post of 2 years ago My Workshop "Dot your studio puts me to shame. I have the space but it's a total mess!". I wish it looked today like it did back then. If it looked like that I'd be able to get to the warp board and wind a warp, and I could be weaving on my Toika loom.

I thought of taking a photo of how it is today, but I didn't like looking at the photo any more than I like looking at mess, so instead I've been tidying up as best I can. The problem is that the end of the room opposite the loom has a wall waiting to be re-plastered and also my new office space for my new business (more of that another day).

Meanwhile I can't even use the table loom as I can't get to the warping board to wind a warp for it. I can't get to my Timbertops Leicester wheel. I'm intending to wind a warp on my Ashford inkle loom in the next day or so, and I am glad of the Ashford Traveller spinning wheel which is compact so easy to move and find space to spin.

However, this is a temporary situation and I am planning ahead. I bought a couple of 100g fibre packs this week, one a plain pale blue merino, the other a blend of coloured merino and silk. I'm intending to spin them into one plain and one coloured yarn to use for warp and weft in another woven scarf.

While my workroom is in chaos and there is not much textile work to report on, it's time to get back to book reviews. First book on the pile is a good read, then there's a stack of books on design. I was going to write a single post about books on design, but there are several books and a fair bit to say about each, so I'll be reviewing them one at a time. Not today, though, time I got back to shuffling things around to creat space and generally tidying up.


Meg in Nelson said...

For the last few years our whole house has been in a fibery chaos, and I've almost given up on tidying. Though the mind rebels, the moment I clear the living room, it looks like a new fresh campus for a blank page for a new project!

Dorothy said...

Organised chaos is my usual style Meg, however this has tipped over the dividing line into disorganised. I wish I could get a loom set up & I hate not being able to find things. Some small improvements made today, but I'm still looking for a particular notebook I haven't seen this week.

Trapunto said...

If I had realized the infinite potential for creeping clutter in weaving, I might have had second thoughts before taking it up. Oh well, too late now!

I love your fiber. So pretty, the way you photographed them.

Ruth said...

I've just looked at the old post about your workshop. What are those colourful tarns on the floor by the loom, sitting in/on? Is it some sort of organising device?

Dorothy said...

Hi Ruth, I've just been back to look at the photo myself. It looks to me as if I had the yarns laid out on the floor up against the back of the loom, behind a pile of books and a couple of loom sticks.

Generally the organising devices I use are cardboard boxes, I have them all about the place, sometimes cut down or modified for a particular purpose.

I often have collections of yarn laid out on the floor and shuffle the order of them when I'm passing, I find it helps with learning how the colours interact. As Trapunto says there is great potential for creeping clutter. I have found that storing yarns out of sight is a mistake, it's important to be familiar with them and play with them to build up understanding of how to use them for best effect.

Textile Tragic said...

It's so good to find others with the same "fibrey mess" troubles. I'm a quilter as well as a spinner and weaver and, honestly, it's hard to find room for people in this house, but I wouldn't be without the fibrey goodness. Hopefully there's a balance to be found somewhere, somehow. . .

Helen said...

My studio is severely tidied once a year for helfa gelf (open studio event) in September but is once more creeping out of control and I realise with a sinking heart that I am going to have to get everything out and paint it again. Quite simply hell! So I sympathise especially as like you I live in organised chaos and if it slips that one point beyond when it is too disorganised then chaos reigns and I am very unhappy!
New Business? That sounds very interesting.
bw Helen

callybooker said...

Is there anyone out there who can put their hand up and say "my weaving studio is always neat and tidy"?? Not me, that's for sure.

Beautiful shades of blue, look forward to seeing the yarn.

Leigh said...

Those rovings are absolutely gorgeous. They will be so much fun to spin and weave.

I can commiserate on the disorder of your studio. Some days it seems like I'll never get mine in order. Such is the life of a remodeler.

Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful colors!!

So far I beat back the chaos periodically and take over other space in the house as needed. I think my husband is starting to catch on I might have to actually clean up some. Yipes!

Hope we're both weaving on our Toikas soon!


Janet said...

Shuffling things around - that says it all - at present my shuffling of the craft books is taking place in a small bedroom. I'm making piles of books along one wall, according to topic. No space cleared yet for a bed. And the piles of clothes have to be put away somewhere.

Catherine said...

Ah your studio is a place full of inspiration whatever state it's in :D

Mine is not too bad at the moment because I de-stashed so severely to raise funds for my loom.

Maybe we should have an international blog-your-workspace day? :D

Barbara Blundell said...

The merino /silk is gorgeous.
Hope you are soon sorted out !