Friday, 24 July 2009

Over the worst...?

I'm feeling better most days now, so that's much better than a month ago. I can manage a short walk - but yikes! Where did my muscles go! At least the consequence of a walk is normal muscle aches rather than the horrible achy virus fatigue - and I love getting outside, whatever the weather.

I've still the swollen glands, lost my voice the other day when I went round to a neighbour's for an hour of tea, cake and chat - but it was so good to go out and see someone!!! Much as I love my internet friends, there's something special about tea & cake with a friend. Last time I had a good friendly chat was when I sold one of my spinning wheels at the beginning of July - the Ashford Joy found a good new home.

Current thinking on my mystery virus is that it was probably a nasty but not unusual virus (the virology tests for nasty ones were negative), plus getting very run down. I was reading in the Guardian this week that going into work when you don't feel well can lead to chronic fatigue. I've been into work whilst feeling ill on far more days than I could count in the 12 months to May this year.

I hope to feel a bit better yet on Monday, because my new spinning wheel might arrive. Maybe it's a daft thing to do at a time when I'm on half pay, and hoping I will still have a job to go back to when I'm well, but a good part of the funds were raised by selling the Ashford Joy. This new wheel has been on order for several weeks, and I didn't want it to get here too soon in case it arrived on a day when I hadn't the energy to get it un-packed and assembled. I think Monday should be o.k.

It is a Majacraft Suzie Alpaca. I chose this wheel because the Majacraft wheels have the reputation of being very smooth to spin on. The Joy was a bit primitive compared to my Timbertops, and a bit small. The Majacraft wheels sit tall, you can adjust the flyer to left or right, and there are plenty of different flyers available. The Alpaca wheel should be good for all the types of spinning to which the Timbertops Leicesters aren't suited, like fancy or bulky yarns (I ordered a Wild Flyer) and I've also ordered a stylus for spinning off the point (great for longdraw spinning of cotton). Another reason for parting with the Joy, is that while it is a lovely clever design, folds beautifully and easy to carry... I realised that these were not the most important things to me in a 3rd spinning wheel. The Alpaca wheel can be carried about as needed, not as easily as the Joy but much more easily than the Timbertops wheels.

So plans for this weekend, while I wait for the new spinning wheel? Sleep, take things steady, and make a little progress with the Ryeland wool I'm spinning at the moment. If I have some spare energy, I've got 29 Japanese indigo plants (in the house and the greenhouse) and I want to use them to prepare a dyebath, I've got some worsted wool to dye that I plan to use in weaving. For the past couple of weeks I keep thinking I'll manage the dyeing... and I will someday soon, and by the time that's done the woad plants in my garden might be big enough that I could dye with their leaves too and have some different shades of blue.


Alice said...

It is good to hear that you are feeling a little better!

I have had a Majacraft Suzie Alpaca for about 3 years and I love it. I don't have the wild flyer but I do have the lace flyer and fat core bobbins. I have been able to spin pretty much any grist of yarn with it that I desire. I am tall so I like that it sits tall. THat was one of my reasons for choosing it!

Life Looms Large said...

So glad that you're feeling better! I hope you're really turning the corner on this illness.

Exciting that your new spinning wheel is arriving soon. Hope you enjoy it for many years (or many miles of yarn!)

I look forward to your dyebaths. I need dyeing inspiration....I'm not a confident dyer at all.

Sending hope for continued improvement in your health!


PS: And you're friends really don't provide actual, edible cake very often!

Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Dorothy,
glad you ate feeling better and the test results look good
A New wheel sounds just what you need for a boost! Hope you enjoy it and have fun !

Janet said...

Take it easy now and don't do too much. Just relax and catch up on your reading.

Dorothy said...

Hi Alice, Sue, Barbara and Janet, it's good to hear from you all.

I'm encouraged to know that Alice loves her Alpaca wheel. I hope I'll be saying the same next time I post.

Sue, I'm not a confident dyer either, but I love experimenting, and I like the idea you can over-dye if the colour isn't what you hoped for. I've got lots of ideas of dying I hope to try, so hopefully there'll be some dyeing news as I start feeling better.

Re. virtual cake, I love Barbara's baking photos! But cake to eat is best. Barbara, just the thought of the new wheel is giving me a boost, and so are comments from my friends here. Janet's words are so wise, as I feel better I think I might suddenly do everything I've been dreaming about... but no, must take it steady and do "rest" as well. I'm re. reading Sherlock Holmes stories at the moment.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Glad you are still taking it slow and not trying to push yourself. And spinning is very calming and relaxing; I hope you enjoy your new wheel. Thank you for bringing us all up to date. the word verification is FAINT I mean, really.........

Trapunto said...

Best wishes on your road to recovery. Not daft at all! Getting fiber tools in the mail is even more restorative than getting books. I typed up a long comment on your last post, which then disappeared when I tried to publish it with my "OpenID" because I wasn't signed into my own blog. I've been thinking of you, though.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for the reassurance that you're not a confident dyer either! I'll try to keep the idea of "overdye" in my mind next time I experiment! (Sometimes I get too fixed on a particular outcome!)

As you suggested in a comment, I do think it would be great if you posted pics of your Norjanna sometime - just to increase the info about Toikas that's available online. Thank goodness for Google searches!

Take care!


Helen said...

I have heard lots fo good reports about Majacraft and I am fascinated by the thought of being able to spin off the point, I loved it when I had a go at the great wheel.I think it is a brilliant idea to get yourself something to really look forward to and to enjoy-better than tonic any day. Glad you are feeling better.

Leigh said...

A new wheel is always exciting to look forward to! So glad you're feeling better. Please do take it easy an dlet yourself heal.

spinninglizzy said...

The anticipation of a lovely new spinning wheel seems just the thing to improve one's health! There are a number of Majacraft wheels in my spinning group, and they are beautifully made -- here's to your spinning yourself to better health. It's good to hear that you're on the road to recovery.

Benita said...

I am so glad you are beginning to feel better. And, yes, while internet friends are great, nothing is as good as sharing tea with a good friend in person.

I think you'll be pleased with your new wheel. My LYS is a Majacraft dealer and she sells the heck out of them.

Barbara Blundell said...

Hello Dorothy,
Hope you are feeling better still !
Also hope your new wheel has arrived and you are enjoying it .

deb said...

I am so pleased you are feeling better and I hope that you have kept improving. I have at last contacted Don Porritt, hes been at summer school to order my Tex-solv. I have been looking up stuff about your new wheel, it sounds wonderful. and quite high-tec. I'm spinning hard to feed my new yarn habit for dyingGreat that you are on the mend

Meg in Nelson said...

Sending you lovely, weaverly thoughts, Dorothy. Thanks for your friendship.

Meg in Nelson said...

Good for us for getting back on that loom bench, or being on our way to.

evasweaving said...

Hi Dorothy, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for adding my blog to your list. I enjoy reading your blog and glad to hear you're feeling better.