Tuesday, 8 April 2008

My one-year long knitting project - success!

I finally finished my jumper. The time I have knitted a jumper that really fits. I started last Easter, and finished just before Easter this year. It's the first project I knitted on circular needles. I designed it myself - and inevitably as I'm (or was) an inexperienced knitter there were flaws in the design, and I made mistakes, so most parts of the jumper were knitted at least twice over.

I think I'm pulling a bit of a funny face in the photo - my boyfriend took the picture and as the house is cluttered, I stood on the doorstep, which seemed like a good idea until I discovered he didn't know how to use the camera and it started to rain. So I was standing there wondering how heavy the rain was going to get and how wet would I be by the time he worked out how to press the right button on the camera - I think I know how the cat feels when he's stuck the wrong side of the front door in bad weather!

There was one last error I couldn't re-knit. When I had knitted the body and sleeves and tried the jumper on in order to decide how to knit the neck, I discovered that the hole I had left at the neck was too large. The only thing I could think off was too knit extra rows of plain knitting at the bottom and sides of the neck opening before I started the ribbing. Fortunately, it worked well and could be mistaken for part of the design.

In celebration, I got out another set of balls of the same type of yarn - Twilleys Freedom Spirit - in a different colour scheme and a second, identical jumper is well underway. This time I'm knitting with confidence and the progress is better. I don't think this will take me a year!


Barbara said...

Hi Dorothy ! Fully recovered,thank you. Your jumper looks great and well worth all the time and effort put into it. Think you did well with the neck Hope you enjoy the dyeing.

Lynn said...

That's a great-looking sweater, and it really suits you. Congratulations!

Janet said...

Congratulations Dot on a very good looking sweater. Well done!