Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Knitting, and cats!

Last night I finished knitting a little jumper for age 3-6 months, knitted in a Trekking sock yarn and wonderfully untraditional baby colours. It took less than one 100g ball to knit this. The pattern, and idea for using sock yarn, is from Viridian Yarn, and the person who put me on to this idea was a very kind and helpful shop assistant at K1 Yarns shop on West Bow in Edinburgh. I wanted to knit something colourful that would wash well. As a keen sock knitter, I have many examples of well worn and wash tested sock yarn!

I have also used Viridan patterns to knit hats and mitts, these are in oddments of Opal yarns from a couple of years back:
A great UK source for buying sock yarns (next best to your local shop, if you have one) is the Knitting and Crochet Guild.
They provide excellent mail order service.

And now to introduce our little cats, first the cat superior, Phoebe of the bright green eyes:
Phoebe is 2 years old, and she and her niece, Annie, came from the Dove Cat Rescue Sanctuary to live with us about 5 weeks ago. Phoebe is very dignified and ladylike and tells Annie in no uncertain terms if Annie's manners are not up to scratch! However, she also in odd moments of tenderness licks Annie's little head with great affection. She is a no. 1 mouser who found all the places we've had mice in the house within an hour of arrival and caught a mouse almost first time she went out of doors.

And here's little Annie, a.k.a Little Annie Acorn (after her favourite toy) or occasionally Annie Oakley, as in "Annie get your acorn". Annie runs everywhere until she's tired out, then she suddenly stops:
She also talks lots and loud! She burbles and murmurs and sings.

But... when she meets the half-stray that feeds next door, 3 times her size and a tough fighter, she makes the most extraordinarily loud wails and hisses and growls all at once. Very effective! Old Stumpy Tail backs off. Especially when Annie's sitting in the only gap under a large conifer hedge and there's no way past her (as at 4.30 a.m. the other morning).

I miss the irreplaceable, most handsome and characterful Oscar cat immensely. But these two are lots of fun and beautiful and we love them.

(Yes you sharp eyed spinners - that's the shadow of the flyer of my Ashford Joy wheel!)

See how Annie sometimes sleeps, her little green eyes not quite closed, but definitely asleep. I never saw a cat do this before. It's as if she's been so busy and now she's so tired she just forgot to quite shut them.


Rascal said...

What an excellent post! Mom's impressed with what you did with your sock yarn, but I'm impressed with your Cats. Annie is especially gorgeous. Of course, no Cat will never takes Oscar's place, but these two look like excellent companions.

Dorothy said...

Of course Rascal thinks little black cat Annie is most gorgeous! Black cats are very special.

But, believe me, Phoebe is more lovely than the photos, with her sandy tabby colour and incredible green eyes :)

Helen said...

It is great fun to be be able to share your pleasure of these lovely friendly characterful cats. As I am allergic to cats this is the best way for me to enjoy them. Thnaks for the pictures and I like the lovely knitted cardigan something I would have loved when my kids were little.

Anonymous said...

Like Rascal I have a soft spot for black cats (especially the chatty kind) but Phoebe looks gorgeous too. Tabbies are especially impressive when prowling in the garden!