Thursday, 8 November 2007


I hadn't intended to include my sewing interests on the list, but I'm rather pleased with a random designed pan holder I whizzed together one evening recently, and there are actually several important links between my interest in patchwork & quilting and why I took up weaving.

This patchwork project became a priority because all the pan holders I made a few years ago seem to have decided to disintegrate at the same time, and there was a crisis in the kitchen! Besides, I'd promised my boyfriend a pan holder featuring "those spaced out cows" as he calls them (see below, a fabric with cows grazing in amongst giant sunflowers). This pan holder also features a little black cat as special guest star, as my 15 year old black cat, Oscar, is always near by.

To explain about the link between my patchwork and weaving, I discovered patchwork almost by accident when we were out one day and saw a shop and said "lets go and look at that, I've always wanted to do some patchwork". This was how I discovered Ann Esders and her business "Heirs and Graces" (now in Rowsley, Derbyshire) and I left the shop having signed up for classes and several metres of beautiful cloths!

In order to do patchwork, I had to learn to choose colours and patterns to use in combination with each other. I found this very challenging at first. In the classes I was amazed at the different things other people put together and how they worked. In the process of learning to choose fabrics, I learnt not only about colour but also about the qualities of dyes and how things looked different in different lights.

As I did a lot of patchwork sewing by hand, I not only re-learnt forgotton sewing skills, I learnt about how different fabrics feel. Although all the fabric I used was cotton, and plain weave, there was a lot of variation in the quality and feel of different fabrics, some were soft and pliable, others could be quite stiff and difficult to stitch. I was also very taken with plain cotton fabrics that had one colour of warp threads and a different colour of weft, I believe these are called shot cottons. So, this is part of the story of how I came to take an interest in woven structures and to explore colours and dyes.

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Leigh said...

Quilting was my first love, so I'm glad you included this. I love this pot holder! Great fabrics.